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Privacy Policy

1. General Mesadoko is committed to sharing the joy of learning and education with you. We deeply appreciate you sharing your time and information with us so prepared this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use and share that information to better fulfill that commitment to you.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) details the personal data Mesadoko, Inc. (“Mesadoko”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) receives about users, how we process it and the rights and obligations in relation to personal data. This notice explains:

● Information collected
● Usage of Information
● Sharing Information
● Choices
● Contact

2. Information Collected During the registration process, users can sign up to create an account or play as a guest. Playing as a guest requires only inputting a nickname. Creating an account requires inputting a user name, nickname for Doku mascot, email and user-generated password. Users provide transactional information if they decide to purchase Mesadoko Pro. Mesadoko will collect usage data across the user base in an aggregate matter to help us make a better product and enhance the experience. Usage data collected includes log-in times and study activity. Mesadoko leverages the services of Disruptive Information Technologies to log user activity.

3. Usage of Information Mesadoko utilizes the information collected strictly for product enhancements. We prioritize how we plan and focus our efforts based on users’ study activity. Capturing user activity is a way for us to listen and proactively design our strategic and product roadmap to respond to the needs of our users. Mesadoko may use your contact information to send general announcements regarding product enhancements, promotions and business updates.

4. Sharing Information Mesadoko may share user information with third party advertising networks that will collect and use data in order to deliver advertisements and content to users. Advertisements help the Mesadoko team provide users with a free learning experience. Mesadoko may also publish non-personal data in aggregate such as anonymized data-sets for research purposes including Mesadoko reports.

5. Choices Users are given options on how they would like the Mesadoko team to use their data and receive communications from us. Users can opt-out of email communications as well as change their notifications in their Mesadoko account. Users may opt-out of providing information to third parties, however advertisements will still be displayed to users unless they purchase Mesadoko Pro. Users may review, edit or delete their data by signing into their Mesadoko account. Playing as a guest provides users the ability to play without inputting an email, full name, and user-generated password. Users have the right to access data we hold on them, change their consent preferences, and delete their account. This app is meant for individuals 13 years of age and older.

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For all privacy policy inquiries please contact